VLF data store - Notes on contributors' data

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Andrew Lutley: His data are collected using two UKRAA VLF Receivers tuned to DH038 Rhauderfehn, also known as Ramsloh, on 23.4 kHz. The receivers have different gain settings. His data series starts on 19 February 2011. The sampling rate was intially 1 second, changed to 10 seconds on 2 March 2011.


Colin Clements: His data cover DH038 Rhauderfehn on 23.4 kHz (the upper trace) and, from October 2010, NRK Grindavik, Iceland on 37.5 kHz (the upper trace). His data series starts in February 2010, with the 2010 data files awaiting upload.


Simon Dawes:
His data are collected using a UKRAA VLF receiver and Controller tuned to 23.4kHz, DHO38, Rhauderfehn, Germany. Simon also uses SpectrumLab and an untuned loop aerial set to record...

19.6kHz GBZ, Anthorn,UK
20.27kHz ICV, Isola di Tavolara, Italy
20.9kHz FTA, Sainte-Assise, France
21.75kHz HWU, Rosnay, France
22.1kHz GQD, 22,.1kHz Skelton, UK
23.4kHz DHO38 Rhauderfehn, Germany
24Khz NAA, Cutler, Maine, USA
37.5kHz, NRK/TFK Grindavik, Iceland
62.6kHz, La Regine, France
81kHz, Inskip, UK


John Cook : His data covers various frequencies as listed on the attached note. His data series starts on 4 March 2000.


Mark Edwards' setup is an untuned 2m diameter loop aerial of shielded scart cable with
the cores wired in series, directly plugged into the mic socket of a zycom z-box mini pc running SpectrumLab. Sample rate is 10s monitoring 8 frequencies:-


His data series starts on 1 Jan 2010.


If contributors wish to supplement the above, please contact webmaster@gocio.co.uk.