VLF data store - Processing tools

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Warning: Running macros may cause data in your spreadsheets to be overwritten. Ensure, before running any macro, that you only have open the spreadsheet(s) that you wish to process and that you understand where the macro will create the new data fields. We recommend that you make a backup copy of your data before running macros.


The following tools can be downloaded from this page:


  • Click here for Radio-SkyPipe

  • Click here for Starbase

  • Click here for Pizza. This Windows program allows you to print both great-circle (polar) and rectangular projections of maps of the world. Polar is as seen from a specified home location. Also shows the azimuth and distance to a specified target.

  • Click here for a Microsoft article on Synchronizing your computer clock under Windows XP.


Coming shortly:

  • John Cook's logger - This is a program to read John Cook's data files.

  • Binning - This is an Excel macro written by Andrew Lutley. It processes data held in an Excel spreadsheet by assigning the values to bins of user defined width, averaging the contents of each bin and assigning a weight to the bin based on the number of bits of data which have contributed to the average value.

  • Simon Dawes' binning macro.

  • Andrew Lutley's Excel macro (based on equations from Mark Edwards' paper on Modelling the Ionosphere) to plot Ionosphere heights giving minimum and maximum signal levels for a given location and frequency.

If you have any comments or questions about the tools on this page or would like to contribute any tools, please contact webmaster@gocio.co.uk.